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We all know how disruptive and stressful a legal situation can be, whether it’s a family dispute, bankruptcy, business transaction, or death in the family.

At the Law Offices of Richard H. Hughes, we understand how complex life and such situations can be. Now, more than ever, you need someone who genuinely cares; who will listen and provide solid legal counsel and professional representation.

This is what we do. With over twenty five years of experience, we are a Tyler, TX, law firm you can trust. We know you need someone who is your advocate and a rock you can lean upon during these tumultuous times. Attorney Richard H. Hughes is dedicated to the successful representation of his clients and has helped thousands of families across East Texas. His outstanding track record could work for you too. Let us go to work for you with professionalism and efficiency!

If you are facing family, or business related difficulty you need a seasoned Tyler, TX attorney to represent you today. Your future is on the line unless you secure a skilled and experienced lawyer. Mr. Richard H. Hughes is the attorney to have on your side during these times. Attorney Richard H. Hughes has built a strong reputation for protecting the rights of his clients ethically and knowledgeably. It is crucial that you take serious action now to prevent a situation from causing irreparable harm.

The Law Offices of Richard H. Hughes emphasizes those areas of law most likely to affect individuals just like you.

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  • Debt Settlement
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