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At the Law Office of Richard Hughes, we understand that legal battles can be intimidating and confusing. We provide quality legal guidance, unwavering representation, and effective strategies in a broad range of civil litigation matters to the residents of Tyler, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

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Our Civil Litigation Services

Our civil litigation practice spans numerous areas of law. We strive to provide resolution through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or, when necessary, trial.

This multidisciplinary approach allows us to offer comprehensive services to our clients in Tyler, TX, including but not limited to:

Contract Disputes

We represent both individuals and businesses in conflicts regarding agreements, transactions, and business relations.

Real Estate Disputes

From boundary and easement issues to landlord-tenant disputes, our team is skilled in handling real estate conflicts that arise.

Personal Injury Claims

If you have suffered physical, emotional, or psychological harm due to another party's negligence, we are here to fight for your compensation.


Product Liability Claims

We help consumers who are injured or have suffered loss due to defective products, securing the restitution they are entitled to under the law.

Employment & Labor Law

From wrongful termination claims to workplace discrimination disputes, we protect employees' rights in the workplace.

Construction Law Disputes

We guide construction companies and homeowners through disputes arising from construction defects, contract issues, and more.

What Sets Us Apart

The Law Office of Richard Hughes is dedicated to providing personalized and comprehensive legal services. We believe in a client-focused approach, listening carefully to your story, understanding your objectives, and formulating a customized legal strategy to meet your unique needs.

Our vast experience, in-depth knowledge of the local judicial system, and commitment to exceptional service have earned us a reputation for high-quality representation.

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Legal issues can be overwhelming and stressful, but with the right representation, you can navigate through these challenges with confidence. Let the Law Office of Richard Hughes guide you through the complexities of the legal system.

Contact our office to discuss your civil litigation needs and learn how we can help you. We offer a free initial consultation to understand your situation better and explore the best legal options for you.

Don't face your legal battles alone. Reach out to the Law Office of Richard Hughes - your trusted civil litigation attorney in Tyler, Texas.