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Life can change in the blink of an eye. The things that used to seem sure can suddenly become different.

As tough as this time may be, there are things you can do.

Richard Hughes has three decades of experience in family law and has helped East Texas families just like yours.

When you need help with child custody, probate, child support, adoption, or anything else in the realm of family law, the Office of Richard Hughes is here for you.

Mr. Hughes handles every case personally, so you’re ensured the best and most professional treatment.

In Need of a Family Attorney in Hawkins, TX?

We understand that this time can be difficult, confusing, and even frightening. The Law Office of Richard Hughes is here to walk the path with you.

Richard Hughes handles every case himself so that he can take the time to listen to you and make the best recommendation possible.

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Richard Hughes has 30 years of experience handling cases just like yours.

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Child Custody

We’ll make sure your children get the best possible living situation. Our office handles parental rights and custody agreements, alongside relocation, parent alienation, and all other aspects of custody.

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Our office helps you establish spousal support arrangements and alimony agreements. Should you need to modify those agreements, we’ll also be able to help you with that.

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Child Support

We’re here to make sure your children get the support that they need and that your rights are respected. We create and modify child custody agreements and enforce existing ones.

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Divorce Lawyer

We fight for our clients during the divorce process to make sure that they’re treated fairly. We’ll ensure that everything from the division of assets to child custody is properly handled.

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Adoption Lawyer

The adoption process can seem daunting and complicated. Our office is well-versed in adoption law and can help ensure your process goes smoothly and all paperwork is filed properly.

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Property Division

We do our best to ensure the property division process is done fairly and equitably. We are cordial and professional, but we also deal firmly to ensure our clients get the best deal possible.

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