A Family Lawyer in Lindale, TX, Who Cares for You

Family law issues can be emotionally–and financially–devastating. You need someone in your corner who cares for you and your situation.

When your world feels like it’s falling apart, Richard Hughes is here to help.

With over 30 years of service to East Texas families, Richard Hughes is here and ready to assist you during these trying times.

No matter what consultation help you need, Richard Hughes is here for you and your family.

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Need a Family Law Lawyer in Lindale, TX? Richard Hughes Will Help

Family law cases are stressful–even in exciting times like adoption support. No matter how you feel about your scenario, it’s almost guaranteed that it’s taking an emotional toll.

Richard Hughes is here to offer help.

Schedule a free consultation with our office to talk about your situation. We’ll stand by you, listen, and offer our guidance for what we believe you should do next.

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Schedule a Consultation With a Family Attorney in Lindale, TX

Richard Hughes has spent the past three decades helping families manage stress, heal and become whole again.

No matter what family law situation you’re facing, our office is here to help.

When you need representation in or out of court, we’ll be in your corner. We always work to find amicable solutions for the benefit of your family. However, in the event that proceedings become uncooperative, we’ll tirelessly fight for you and your best interests.

Child Custody

Children are innocent in all of this, and shouldn’t have to suffer because of adults’ choices. Richard Hughes is a child custody lawyer in Lindale, TX, who will fight for your children’s rights.

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Our office is here to make sure that you get the spousal support agreement that’s most favorable to you. We create, adjust, and enforce alimony agreements.

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Child Support

Your child’s well-being is the most important thing. We’ll fight to be sure your child gets exactly that. We assist in relocation, visitation rights, and all parental rights matters.

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Divorce Lawyer

If you need a divorce lawyer in Lindale, TX, Richard Hughes will stand by you throughout the process. We’re here to fight for the most favorable outcome for you.

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Adoption Lawyer

Adoption is an exciting time, but a nerve-wracking one as well. The adoption process is filled with bureaucratic red tape, and our office is here to help your family cut through it.

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Property Division

All assets and liabilities should be divided equitably in divorce proceedings. If your spouse is uncooperative, though, we’ll fight for your most favorable outcome.

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