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What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, also called the “wage earner’s plan,” allows an individual with a regular income to repay their debts over 3-5 years. Payments must be made to a trustee who then pays the creditors.

Richard Hughes is a Chapter 13 attorney in Tyler, TX. We determine if you are eligible for Chapter 13 and will guide you to a debt free life.

If you need to file for bankruptcy, we're here for you. We also help with Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Tyler, TX

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Avoid Mistakes

Have an experienced bankruptcy lawyer handle your case so all procedures are followed and done right the first time.

Peace of Mind

Having our legal expertise on your side means you can focus on your financial success – not on bankruptcy technicalities.

Increase Success

We know the local bankruptcy courts and have special insight into possible exemptions and strategies for success.

Reduce Stress

We guide you through the entire process and handle all aspects of the legal proceedings.


Who Qualifies For Chapter 13?

Chapter 13 can’t be used by corporations. Qualified individual have:

  • Incomes that greater than their living expenses
  • Liquidated, uncensored debts that don’t exceed $383,175
  • Secured debts that don’t exceed $1,149,525

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What Are The Steps of Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Six steps to freedom - there is life after bankruptcy.

  1. Contact Us
    Give us a call to see if you qualify.

  2. Take A Credit Counseling Course
    You must complete an approved credit counseling course 180 days prior to filing for bankruptcy.

  3. Make A Repayment Plan
    You will meet with us to discuss the amount you’ll repay over the next 3-5 years. Then, we’ll create a payment plan and submit it to the courts.

  4. Meet With Creditors
    We will all sit down with your creditors and trustee to discuss your financial situation and plan of action.

  5. Make Payments To The Trustee
    Once your bankruptcy plan is approved, you’ll make payments to the trustee. They will distribute the payments to the creditors.

  6. Obtain A Discharge
    Completing your payment plan means you’ll be discharged from your remaining eligible debts. This means, case closed.

Richard Hughes for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

It’s important to consider the effect that filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy has. It isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. Richard Hughes carefully weighs your options with you. We handle all our cases with confidence and care.

Our expertise in bankruptcy in East Texas gives us the tools necessary to lead you to the other side of bankruptcy - stress free.