Leave Debt Behind

For many of us, one bad break can leave us in financial trouble.

Sometimes, things beyond our control happen, and life takes a tough turn.

Richard Hughes is here to help when the unexpected happens - job losses, illness, economic downturns, and all other things life can throw at you.

Our office is here to help you restore your peace of mind. We’ve been helping people just like you for the last 30 years, and we promise a safe and caring environment when you walk through our doors.

When you’re looking for a bankruptcy attorney’s office in Hawkins, TX, trust the one who treats you with dignity - The Law Offices of Richard H Hughes.

Richard Hughes handles all cases personally so that you can get the proper care that you deserve.

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A Bankruptcy Lawyer in Hawkins, TX, who Fights for You

IRS Tax Debt

Don’t deal with the IRS alone. Being in tax debt is stressful enough, so let us help you. We can assist you in settling your IRS debt, potentially lowering the amount you’ll need to pay.

Tax Relief Wage Garnishment


This is one of the most uncertain scenarios that anyone can be in. Our office will help you with debt relief, allowing you to get back to a sense of peace.

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Medical Debt

Even with insurance, a medical procedure can put you in debt. If you’ve got hospital bills you can’t repay, contact the Law Office of Richard Hughes for a consultation.

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Debt Consolidation

In some cases, you can settle your debts for a smaller sum than you currently owe. The Offices of Richard Hughes can help you navigate that process.

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Foreclosure Defense

You shouldn’t face foreclosure alone. Let Richard Hughes fight for you and your family. We’ll do everything we can to fight for you and for your family.

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Credit Card Debt

It’s easy for a small amount of credit card debt to spiral out of control. If credit card debt is looming over you, let us help you try to settle with creditors and avoid bankruptcy.

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A Debt Relief Lawyer Who Will Stand with You

If you feel like you’re drowning in debt, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Law Office of Richard Hughes.

We’ve served families and businesses and have helped many East Texans take control of their finances and achieve a sense of peace again.

When you need a bankruptcy attorney in Hawkins, TX, contact the Law Office of Richard Hughes.

Richard Hughes has 30 years of experience helping people just like you, and our office is ready to work tirelessly for you.

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Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapters 7 and 13 differ mainly in how you repay your debt. Depending on your situation, you may pay your debt back via a repayment plan, or it may be completely dissolved.

If you have questions about the bankruptcy process, contact Richard Hughes and schedule a consultation.

  • Federal Law May Allow You To
  • STOP Foreclosures
  • STOP IRS Garnishment
  • STOP Creditor Harassment
  • STOP Repossessions
  • STOP Levies
  • STOP Lawsuits

About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy  About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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